SUEZ monitors wastewater treatment plant discharges with molluSCAN-eye

SUEZ et molluSCAN

Interview carried out at the french congress of local water management in Rennes.

Aude GARDA, SUEZ environmental engineer in Lyre.

We are in a context where there are more and more substances released into the environment. As a result, we are exposed to a multitude of substances and traditional chemical analysis methods cannot suffice to assess the environmental and health quality of an aquatic environment. Biomonitoring has the advantage of measuring the quality of the environment in an integrative manner. It allows pollution to be identified and action taken. This is a very important issue for water stakeholders, therefore for Suez, but also for our customers, communities or institutions. Biomonitoring is therefore an essential complement to chemical analysis methods which has its place in the monitoring of aquatic environments.

molluSCAN-eye and Suez carry out tests on discharges from freshwater treatment plants. The undeniable advantage of this solution is that it allows both high-frequency, long-term monitoring and this while respecting sentinel animals.