Lake of Thau

The SEAVOLUTION project aims to test innovative farming practices to alleviate spring, summer and autumn mortalities linked to pathogens such as herpes virus on spat and pre-grown oysters, and Vibrio aestuarianus on commercial oysters.

The project will study the influence of different rolling and exondation regimes in baskets and on ropes on oyster mortality at critical annual periods. In parallel, the expression of several immune genes from 3 oyster sizes will be studied to analyze the influence of these farming practices on the oyster immune system and the impact of pathogens at critical periods. A mechanized, energy-independent, remote-controlled and automated table, developed and patented by partner MEDITHAU, will be optimized on an existing HUITRES SANCHEZ table before zootechnical testing begins. IFREMER will provide scientific support and monitor pathogens and the immune system. MOLLUSCAN-EYE’s innovative valvometry system will be used to monitor the oysters’ daily activity.