French Polynesia uses molluSCAN to monitor atolls

The government of French Polynesia uses molluSCAN-eye to monitor the environment in the Takapoto and Takaroa atolls.

November 2023: Our team has set up 4 biomonitoring modules (molluSCAN valvometers) on 2 atolls to monitor and study pearl farming atolls.

They are located at depths of 7m and 15m and continuously measure the health of pearl oysters (mother-of-pearl).

Pearl farming is an important economic activity in French Polynesia. It involves cultivating cultured pearls in Polynesian lagoons, in the black-lipped oyster, also called Pinctada Margaritifera. Tahitian cultured pearls are famous for their unique color and shape. They come in their natural state in an infinite palette of shades.

Pearl farming is the second source of income in French Polynesia, after tourism. The sector, made up of 500 family or semi-industrial farms, employs nearly 1,300 people. It alone represents 70% of local exports.